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IMDb: 4.7

M no jubaku (2009) subtitles

Movies -Drama
70 mins
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The Curse M 2009
3 week(s) ago|0 downloads|Uploaded by: luiz-leite
Translated by: nikse.dk·

Movie details:

Description: She's tantalizing, spellbinding, irresistible. And yet freelance photographer Uemura fights his attraction for the beautiful Mari with all his might. For not only is she the wife of the prominent head of a prestigious hospital, but all of those who've previously had affairs with this sensual succubus seem to have expired prematurely. It's a losing battle, however, and he soon finds himself pulled into the arms of the voluptuous Mari and the jaws of a trap designed to suck men dry and spit out the husks. For it seems that her husband, Ginjiro, is all too aware of who's been sleeping in his wife's bed, and the sexual perdition that follows will pull Uemura into a world of bondage and depravity.
Country: Japan
Written by: Oniroku Dan, Ken'ichi Fujiwara
Directors: Takeshi Niizato
Produced By: Ken'ichi Fujiwara, Nakato Kinukawa, Masami Teranishi
Cast: Daisuke Nagakura, Taisei Miyamoto, Kentarô Fukamachi, Takaya Ôki, Hideki Sakaihara, Hiroyuki Yano, Naohiko Shigeta, Kôju Ran, Ryôichi Inaba, Doctor Hiro
Also known as: M Laneti , The Curse M
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