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IMDb: 5.9

It Takes Two (1995) subtitles

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8. Oct. 2017.|74 downloads|Uploaded by: film master
FPS: 23.976·HD
More English Subtitles
It takes two (Doble de amor)
10. Feb. 2018.|41 downloads|Uploaded by: whocarez
FPS: 25.000
It Takes Two
4 year(s) ago|23 downloads|Uploaded by: Vinny
More Portuguese (BR) Subtitles
8. Jul. 2019.|21 downloads|Uploaded by: Goforit
FPS: 23.976·HD
It Takes Two (1995)-gre
25. Aug. 2017.|18 downloads|Uploaded by: johnson
FPS: 23.976
More Greek Subtitles
4 year(s) ago|7 downloads|Uploaded by: whocarez
FPS: 23.976·HD
More Dutch Subtitles
No release name
4 year(s) ago|3 downloads|Uploaded by: taskkiller
FPS: 29.970
5. Nov. 2017.|3 downloads|Uploaded by: Missy89
FPS: 23.976
More Romanian Subtitles
It Takes Two (1995)
17. Aug. 2019.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: giu_qutait
FPS: 25.000·HD
More Italian Subtitles
It Takes Two (1995)
4 year(s) ago|1 downloads|Uploaded by: siwars
More Russian Subtitles
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Movie details:

Description: Alyssa (a rich girl) and Amanda (an orphan) are two little girls who are identical, but complete strangers, that accidentally meet one day. In an attempt to stop Alyssa's father from getting married to Clarice, a conceited know-it-all, the girls get him to meet Amanda's case worker and switch lives to stop the wedding once and for all. Though things don't go exactly as planned when Amanda gets adopted and Clarice moves up the wedding.
Country: USA
Written by: Deborah Dean Davis
Directors: Andy Tennant
Produced By: Andy Cohen, Jim Cruickshank, Mel Efros, Laura Friedman, James Orr
Cast: Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Philip Bosco, Jane Sibbett, Michelle Grisom, Desmond Robertson, Tiny Mills, Shanelle Henry
Also known as: Me and My Shadow , Doble de amor , Нужни са двама , As Namoradas do Papai , Les deux font la paire , Eins und eins macht vier , To tøser ta'r affære , Dos por el precio de una , Dues pel preu d'una , Kaksin aina kaunihimpi , Papa, j'ai une maman pour toi , Berdemata gia dyo , Μπερδέματα για δύο , Kettőn áll a vásár , Matrimonio a 4 mani , To må man være , Czy to ty, czy to ja? , Sarilhos com as Gémeas , În tandem , Двое: Я и моя тень , Två skall man vara , Tipatip , Я та моя тiнь Load MoreHide
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