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IMDb: 5.6

In the Shadow of the Eagles (1966) subtitles

Movies -Drama
94 mins
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Movie details:

Original title: All'ombra delle aquile
Description: After the death of Octavian, the rebel populations of Illyria and Pannonia pose a grave threat to the Roman Empire. Tribune Marcus Ventidius is sent to subdue the uprising and, after a bitter battle, captures Pannonian chief Magdus together with a number of women hostages. These include Magdus's own daughter Helen, betrothed to cruel Illyrian warrior Batone who has killed many Romans. Julia, daughter of the Roman governor Messala, is in love with Tribune Marcus and, jealous of his sympathy for the barbarian girl, plots an escape by Helen and her father. Pursuing the fugitives, Marcus crosses a mountain pass where Batone has laid a trap. Marcus thwarts the ambush with Helen's help and, after killing Batone in a duel, gains allegiance from the rebel tribes.
Country: Italy, West Germany, Yugoslavia
Written by: Ferdinando Baldi, Nino Milano
Directors: Ferdinando Baldi
Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Beba Loncar, Gabriella Pallotta, Dieter Eppler, Remo De Angelis, Peter Carsten, Aleksandar Gavric, Paul Windsor, Beli Bolin, Vladimir Medar
Also known as: A la sombra de las águilas , В сянката на орела , Under Ørnens Skygge , L'ombre des aigles , Sti skia ton aeton , U senci orlova Load MoreHide
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