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IMDb: 5.7

Shoot First... Ask Questions Later (1975) subtitles

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Shoot First... Ask Questions Later (1975)
10. Jan. 2018.|5 downloads|Uploaded by: Vinny
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Movie details:

Original title: Il bianco il giallo il nero
Description: In the 19th century, a Japanese delegation arrives in the USA to present the American president with a gift pony from the Japanese Emperor.The Japanese consider the pony to be divine and it is guarded by Japanese Samurai.A tribe of renegade Indians attack the train and steal the pony with the intention of ransoming it.In order to retrieve the pony, the Japanese delegation offers one million dollars in ransom money, to be delivered to the Indians by the local Sheriff Gideon assisted by the inept Japanese servant Sakura, who believes he is a true Samurai.On the way, the duo runs into the drifter Blanc De Blanc, who is Swiss and has plans of his own concerning the ransom money.
Country: Italy, Spain, France
Written by: Antonio Troiso, Marcello Coscia, Sergio Spina, Mario Amendola, Sergio Corbucci
Directors: Sergio Corbucci
Cast: Giuliano Gemma, Tomas Milian, Eli Wallach, Manuel de Blas, Jacques Berthier, Romano Puppo, Nazzareno Zamperla, Edy Biagetti, Hideo Saito, Frank Nuyen
Also known as: Белия, жълтия и черния , O Último Samurai do Oeste , Três Homens, Uma Lei , Samurai , The White, the Yellow, and the Black , El blanco, el amarillo y el negro , Valkoinen, keltainen ja nero , Le blanc, le jaune et le noir , 3 dynamites tou West , I megali listeia , O aspros, o mavros kai o kitrinos , O kalos, o kakos kai o kitrinos , Vadnyugati szamuráj , Dispara Primeiro... Pergunta Depois , Sarilho no Far-West , Cel alb cel galben cel negru , Den fege, den trötte & den sluge , Üç seytan adam , Ring Around the Horse's Tail , Drei Halunken erster Klasse , Stetson - Drei Halunken erster Klasse Load MoreHide
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