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IMDb: 7.4

I girasoli (1970) subtitles

Movies -Drama|War
107 mins
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24. Jan. 2018.|75 downloads|Uploaded by: Carstyling
FPS: 23.976·HD
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I Girasoli
30. Oct. 2017.|26 downloads|Uploaded by: AndrusPhilips
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Sunflower (1970)( I girasoli ) BDRip 720p [mkvonly]
18. Oct. 2017.|16 downloads|Uploaded by: Bamboo
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4 year(s) ago|7 downloads|Uploaded by: McEmmy
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nio-I Girasoli.avi
1. Feb. 2018.|6 downloads|Uploaded by: AndrusPhilips
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(I girasoli) Sunflower.1970.720p.BluRay.x264-HD4U
10. Feb. 2018.|5 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
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I Girasoli (1970).xvid.dvdrip
24. Oct. 2017.|5 downloads|Uploaded by: jonasj
FPS: 25.000
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5. Feb. 2018.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
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Sunflower - I Girasoli - Sloneczniki (1970) rez. Vittorio De Sica 1080p.x264
4 year(s) ago|2 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
FPS: 23.976·HD
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Dvdivx Ac3
4 year(s) ago|2 downloads|Uploaded by: johnson
FPS: 23.976
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Movie details:

Description: At the end of World War II, Giovanna, a war bride living near Milan refuses to accept that her husband, Antonio, missing on the Russian front, is dead. There's a flashback to their brief courtship near her hometown of Naples, his 12-day leave to marry her, ruses to keep from deployment, and the ultimate farewell. Some years after the war, still with no word from Antonio, Giovanna goes to Russia to find him, starting in the town near the winter battle when he disappeared. Armed with his photograph, what will she find?
Country: Italy, France, Soviet Union, USA
Written by: Tonino Guerra, Cesare Zavattini, Giorgi Mdivani
Directors: Vittorio De Sica
Produced By: Arthur Cohn, Joseph E. Levine, Carlo Ponti
Cast: Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Lyudmila Saveleva, Galina Andreeva, Anna Carena, Nadya Serednichenko, Germano Longo, Glauco Onorato, Silvano Tranquilli, Marisa Traversi
Also known as: Los girasoles de Rusia , Слънчогледи , Os Girassóis da Rússia , Solsikkerne , Los girasoles , Auringonkukkia , Les fleurs du soleil , Mzesumzirebi , To iliotropion , Napraforgó , Sunflower , Himawari , Det siste farvel , Solsikker , Sloneczniki , O Último Adeus , Suncokret , Подсолнухи , Günes Çiçegi , Günes çiçekleri , Sonnenblumen Load MoreHide
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