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IMDb: 6.7

Fantaghirò 4 (1994) subtitles

Movies -Fantasy|Romance
200 mins
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31. May. 2019.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: ulti998
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4. Feb. 2020.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
Translated by: Peng Yu·
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Movie details:

Description: A black cloud travels across country, kills animals and plants and dries up the rivers. When the cloud reaches Fantaghiro's kingdom she meets Prince Parsel who follows the cloud to get his stolen castle back. After her castle vanishes, too, Fantaghiro joins Parsel on his journey to find her home, her people, her family and her love.
Country: Italy
Written by: Gianni Romoli
Directors: Lamberto Bava
Produced By: Lamberto Bava, Andrea Piazzesi
Cast: Alessandra Martines, Nicholas Rogers, Horst Buchholz, Ursula Andress, Brigitte Nielsen, Marc de Jonge, Riccardo Serventi Longhi, Agathe de La Fontaine, Gaia Bulferi Bulferetti, Oreste Guidi
Also known as: Cave of the Golden Rose IV , Пещерата на Златната роза 4 , Prinzessin Fantaghirò IV , La caverne de la rose d'or 4 , Fantaghiro, a harcos hercegnő 4. , Fantaghiro 4 , The Cave of the Golden Rose 4 Load MoreHide
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