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IMDb: 4.1

Erkan & Stefan gegen die Mächte der Finsternis (2002) subtitles

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3. Jul. 2020.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: david76

Movie details:

Description: A couple of slackers find an antique dagger and manage to free the gorgeous female warrior was imprisoned in it by an evil spell. An evil sorcerer is not happy by this turn of events and determines to possess both the blade and the warrior through a sacrificial ceremony. The two heroes manage to rescue the damsel in distress and defeat the wizard and his minions by employing skills mastered through hours of video game play.
Country: Germany
Written by: Philipp Weinges, Günter Knarr, John Friedmann, Florian Simbeck
Directors: Axel Sand
Produced By: Manfred Brey, Bernd Eichinger, Mischa Hofmann, Mathias Lösel, Martin Moszkowicz
Cast: John Friedmann, Florian Simbeck, Bettina Zimmermann, Leon Boden, Stephan Schulberg, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Ralph Herforth, Jaymes Butler, Julia Thurnau, Simone Dericks
Also known as: Erkan und Stefan 2 , Lökött testőrök 2. - Ördögi kaland , Тёлкохранители против сил тьмы , The Wicked Force of Evil , Erkan and Stefan vs. the Powers of Darkness , Erkan & Stefan vs. the Forces of Evil , The Bunny Guards Load MoreHide
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