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IMDb: 6.5

Éloge de l'amour (2001) subtitles

Movies -Drama
97 mins
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Jean-Luc Godard - Eloge de l'amour aka In Praise Of Love
20. Dec. 2017.|85 downloads|Uploaded by: whatisthat
FPS: 25.000
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Éloge de l'amour (2001)
16. Sep. 2017.|28 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
FPS: 23.976
In Praise of Love
19. Dec. 2017.|10 downloads|Uploaded by: jonasj
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In Praise of Love (2001) DVD
9. Nov. 2017.|10 downloads|Uploaded by: Star Wars
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Jean-Luc Godard - In Praise of Love (2002)
21. Nov. 2017.|4 downloads|Uploaded by: Theriddler1
FPS: 23.976
Éloge de lamour
30. Aug. 2017.|4 downloads|Uploaded by: film master
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Movie details:

Description: In part one there is talk of a project on the subject of love, with the example of three couples, one young, one mature and the other elderly. At this point the author comes into contact with a young woman he had already met three years earlier. Just as the project is about to become reality, all problems of an artistic or financial nature having been resolved, the author learns that the young woman has died. Part two concerns the events of three years earlier. While interviewing an historian, the future author meets for the first time the young woman, who is training as a lawyer. She has been asked by her own grandparents, formerly of the French resistance, to examine a contract offered to them by Americans who want to make a film about their activities during the Nazi occupation of France.
Country: France, Switzerland
Written by: Jean-Luc Godard
Directors: Jean-Luc Godard
Produced By: Alain Sarde, Ruth Waldburger
Cast: Bruno Putzulu, Cécile Camp, Jean Davy, Françoise Verny, Audrey Klebaner, Jérémie Lippmann, Claude Baignières, Rémo Forlani, Mark Hunter, Jean Lacouture
Also known as: Elogio del amor , Elogio ao Amor , Auf die Liebe , I elegeia tou erota , Η Ελεγεία του Ερωτα , A szerelem dicsérete , Pochwala milosci , Elogio do Amor , Хвала любви , Leve kärleken , In Praise of Love Load MoreHide
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