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IMDb: 7.4

Driving Miss Daisy (1989) subtitles

Movies -Drama
99 mins
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28. Aug. 2017.|46 downloads|Uploaded by: johnson
FPS: 23.976·HD
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Driving Miss Daisy (1989) esp dvd
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4 year(s) ago|8 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
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11. Feb. 2018.|4 downloads|Uploaded by: Theriddler1
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1. Feb. 2018.|3 downloads|Uploaded by: Vinny
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1. Feb. 2018.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: Mister77
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Driving Miss Daisy 1989 BLURAY 1080P NL SUBBED X264 RVL
4 year(s) ago|1 downloads|Uploaded by: Theriddler1
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4 year(s) ago|1 downloads|Uploaded by: magicsubs
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4 year(s) ago|1 downloads|Uploaded by: magicsubs
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Movie details:

Description: An elderly Jewish widow living in Atlanta can no longer drive. Her son insists she allow him to hire a driver, which in the 1950s meant a black man. She resists any change in her life but, Hoke, the driver is hired by her son. She refuses to allow him to drive her anywhere at first, but Hoke slowly wins her over with his native good graces. The movie is directly taken from a stage play and does show it. It covers over twenty years of the pair's life together as they slowly build a relationship that transcends their differences.
Country: USA
Written by: Alfred Uhry
Directors: Bruce Beresford
Produced By: David Brown, Robert Doudell, Jake Eberts, Alfred Uhry, Lili Fini Zanuck
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, Dan Aykroyd, Patti LuPone, Esther Rolle, Joann Havrilla, William Hall Jr., Alvin M. Sugarman, Clarice F. Geigerman, Muriel Moore
Also known as: Conduciendo a Miss Daisy , Miss Daisy und ihr Chauffeur , Да возиш мис Дейзи , Conduzindo Miss Daisy , Miss Daisy et son chauffeur , Sõidutades miss Daisyt , Paseando a Miss Daisy , Tot passejant Miss Daisy , I er tjänst, Miss Daisy , Palveluksessanne, Miss Daisy , O chauffeur tis kas Daisy , Ο σοφέρ της κυρίας Ντέιζι , Vozeći gospođicu Daisy , Miss Daisy sofőrje , Ha-Na'hug Shel Miss Daisy , Ranandegi bara-ye khanom-e daisy , A spasso con Daisy , Ponios Deizes vairuotojas , El chofer y la señora Daisy , På tur med Miss Daisy , Wożąc Panią Daisy , Miss Daisy , Soferul Doamnei Daisy , Vozeći gospođicu Dejzi , På väg med miss Daisy , Sofer gospodicne Daisy , Шофер мисс Дэйзи , Bayan Daisy ve soförü , Водiй мiс Дейзi Load MoreHide
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