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IMDb: 6.6

Dresden (2006) subtitles

Movies -Drama|Romance|War
176 mins
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Dresden 2006 DD5.1 NL Subs PAL --TBS
12. Oct. 2017.|29 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
FPS: 25.000·F
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Dresden 2006 German DVDRip XviD MP3
4. Nov. 2017.|10 downloads|Uploaded by: Goforit
FPS: 25.000|Translated by: (ΚΜ, geosam)
Drezda --- Original DVD SubRip
27. Jan. 2018.|7 downloads|Uploaded by: jonasj
FPS: 25.000
More Hungarian Subtitles
3 year(s) ago|4 downloads|Uploaded by: taskkiller
FPS: 25.000
DVD subs
3 year(s) ago|1 downloads|Uploaded by: david76
FPS: 25.000
6. Oct. 2017.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: david76
FPS: 25.000
18. Sep. 2017.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: Gabriel
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Movie details:

Description: Like other TV movies of the production company teamWorx, Dresden (2006) focuses on an extraordinary historic event in connection with a tragic love story of a woman between two men. In January 1945, the young nurse Anna Mauth, working at a hospital in Dresden, becomes engaged to senior physician Benjamin Wenninger. At the same time, an English Lancaster bomber is shot down. The pilot Robert Newman, the only survivor, manages to reach the city severely injured and hides in the hospital's cellar. Anna discovers him incidentally thinking he is a German deserter, but finally decides to help Robert...
Country: Germany
Written by: Stefan Kolditz, Nikolaus Kraemer
Directors: Roland Suso Richter
Produced By: Franz Esterhazy, Nico Hofmann, Nikolaus Kraemer, Oliver Lüer, Jan Mojto
Cast: Felicitas Woll, John Light, Benjamin Sadler, Heiner Lauterbach, Katharina Meinecke, Marie Bäumer, Kai Wiesinger, Wolfgang Stumph, Jürgen Heinrich, Susanne Bormann
Also known as: Dresden - O Inferno , Dresden - das Inferno , Dresden i lågor , Dresden liekeissä , Dresde 1945, chronique d'un amour , Stin kolasi tis Dresdis , Drezda - A pokol napjai , Dresda , Dresden o Inferno , Дрезден , Dresden - Tredje rikets sista dagar , Dresden: The Inferno Load MoreHide
  • Geza 2 year(s) ago
    The subtitle "Dresden-Teil-1" by taskkiller is excellent, I just cannot find the subtitles anywhere for part #2.

    Keep in mind that this movie came out in a long and a shorter version:

    "A shorter International Version (144 minutes) has been released on DVD at least in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Hong Kong, while the longer Original Version (176 minutes) has been released on DVD in Germany and USA. Interestingly, it was this longer three-hour version that was broadcast on TV in Finland, despite the fact that the Finnish DVD release is the shorter version. "

    So, when you search for subtitles for this movie, make sure that you don't waste your time on the wrong version.

    The one uploaded by taskkiller is for the long version, came out on 2 DVDs, and it is for the 1st DVD. I'm now looking for the 2nd one.