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IMDb: 6.0

Blue Fin (1978) subtitles

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20. Jun. 2020.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: Vinny
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Movie details:

Description: Based on the children's novel by celebrated South Australian author 'Colin Thiele', this is an emotional father and son story about tuna fishing of Southern Blue Fin tuna in South Australia's Port Lincoln fishing district. Accident prone son Snook is forever making mistakes much to the chagrin of his father Pascoe. But when tragedy strikes the fishing boat during a deep sea fishing trek in the Southern Ocean, the boy is called on to become a man in a rites of sea passage to reconcile is past mishaps and save both his father and the ship from certain disaster.
Country: Australia
Written by: Sonia Borg, Colin Thiele
Directors: Carl Schultz, Bruce Beresford
Produced By: Matt Carroll, Hal McElroy
Cast: Hardy Krüger, Greg Rowe, John Jarratt, Liddy Clark, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Elspeth Ballantyne, Ralph Cotterill, Alfred Bell, George Spartels, Jock Owen
Also known as: Perigo em Alto-Mar , Kalastajapojan seikkailu , Meren raivo , Sea quest , Taistelu merta vastaan , Kék uszony , I cacciatori dell'oceano , Błękitna płetwa , Aventuri pe 'Blue Fin' , Intriga en el mar , Die Sturmfahrt der Blue Fin Load MoreHide
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