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IMDb: 4.9

Another Gay Movie (2006) subtitles

Movies -Comedy|Romance
92 mins
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19. Sep. 2017.|102 downloads|Uploaded by: Star Wars
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13. Feb. 2018.|31 downloads|Uploaded by: Eatthat22
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Another Gay Movie
6. Feb. 2018.|13 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
FPS: 23.976
Another Gay Movie [DVDRip]]
11. Jan. 2018.|9 downloads|Uploaded by: Carstyling
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Another Gay Movie (2006) Bdrip 720p H264 Eng Ac3 Sub Ita by Pulce0000 -T7ST
1 year(s) ago|5 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
FPS: 23.976|Translated by: (pulce0000)·HD
Another Gay Movie (2006) [ www.FilmeAlese.com ]
29. Dec. 2017.|5 downloads|Uploaded by: Gabriel
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Another Gay Movie [DVDRip][VO. English + Subs Spanish][www.newpct.com]
27. Jan. 2018.|3 downloads|Uploaded by: siwars
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Another Gay Movie
16. Oct. 2017.|2 downloads|Uploaded by: Goforit
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10. Feb. 2018.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: Girlygirl
5. Feb. 2018.|1 downloads|Uploaded by: Anonymous
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Movie details:

Description: The film revolves around four gay teenagers: curious Andy, flamboyant Nico, jock Jarod, and geeky Griff. These four boys want to have sex, but can't find anyone to do it with. It's their graduation day and their lesbian friend Muffler's having her graduation party. The next morning, the boys make the pact to have sex before the end of the summer. Andy has his eye on the math teacher Mr. Puckov, Nico searches the Internet for a man, Jarod falls for a rival baseball player, and Griff is deciding within his crush on Jarod or his exercise teacher. In the tradition of "American Pie", "Another Gay Movie" will bring you hysterics.
Country: USA
Written by: Tim Kaltenecker, Todd Stephens
Directors: Todd Stephens
Produced By: Jesse Adams, Jonah Blechman, Ben Feldman, Jenny Hinkey, Christian Hoagland
Cast: Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris, Ashlie Atkinson, Scott Thompson, Graham Norton, Stephanie McVay, James Getzlaff, Darryl Stephens
Also known as: Mia akoma gay tainia , Amerikai pite melegen , Kolejny gejowski film , Inca un film gay , Još jedan gej film , Голубой пирог Load MoreHide
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